About the Association

The NZRA is a non profit organisation made up of guides operators and other interested parties. The association was founded in 1996 to promote the sport of white water rafting to New Zealand and the world through collective representation.

The N.Z.R.A has been instrumental in the development of a recognised qualification for the white water rafting industry in New Zealand. This code of conduct has been adopted by the New Zealand government and implemented as Rule Part 80 of the Maritime Transport Act 1994 and has since been rewritten as Rule Part 81. As a result of this New Zealand can now boast the very highest in world industry standards.

The Association is dedicated to all aspects of preservation, and conservation of New Zealand rivers. By working closely with community groups, such as The Department of Conservation (D.O.C) local Iwi, the Association will be at the forefront of the issues of public access and conservation for future future generations.

In 2010, the NZRA extended it’s representation to include the River Boarding sector. The NZRA has been working with the River Boarders and with Maritime New Zealand in setting Safety Guidelines and Skills Active with River Boarding Guide awards.

The N.Z.R.A is also a resource of information for the industry in New Zealand. The Association publishes a regular newsletter to keep members updated with events, and industry news. The association also organises training and rescue workshops. These incorporate all the latest equipment and rescue techniques from here and around the world.

The New Zealand Rivers Association is governed by an executive committee. Executive members represent companies and guides from all over New Zealand.

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