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Paul Schramm
Wild West Adventure Company
8 Whall Street, Greymouth
Ph 03 768 6649

4 brand new Avon 8-person rafts for sale. These are great rafts but were the wrong size for us so we have never used them; we are instead using a smaller 6-person version which has proven to be super durable. We bought the rafts for US$5478 and would like to sell them for US$3750.

Here is the link for the model: http://www.avon-workboats.com/page/adventurer

Please contact Rowan: rowan.foley@wadiadventure.ae

Hello my name is Daisy, my family owns and operates a whitewater rafting company on the Upper Red Deer River in Alberta, Canada.

My father has been operating his whitewater business for 43 years in the foothills of the Rockies. Due to illness my father is no longer able to run the business the way it needs to be run, we very sadly have to put it up for sale. However we would like it to be sold to someone with a love of the outdoors and some experience of this type of company. After all anyone who is in the rafting business knows it is not just a business but a way of life.

I have been trying so hard to come up with ideas of where to sell it, where to post it for sale when it occurred to me the other day that if we are going to sell something that means so much to us it needs to go to someone that is like-minded and is looking for just this kind of opportunity.

Where would I find these kind of people? Rafting companies seemed like a great place to start, if anyone is going to know someone that is wishing
a) to relocate to Canada or is already there
b) looking for the opportunity to own their own company
c) or to create a co-operative

The only way to spread the word is to let the rafting community know that it is available!

So please bear with me, I will give you the bare bones of information on the company and what I am hoping is that you may be able to point anyone you think may be interested in this opportunity my way. Any further questions or information I will be only to happy to provide upon request.

My dad, Joe Pecenka, started the company 43 years ago, running on the Kicking Horse river in BC and the Upper Red Deer in Alberta. He eventually just settled in Alberta on a piece of property beside the river in the middle of a forestry reserve that he leases from the Alberta Government. Although the company grew we always tried to keep it small enough and family oriented enough that it would be open to anyone looking for an adventure but without losing the personal contact with our customers. We have groups that have been coming back for over 13 years!

The property and surrounding area is suitable for rafting, kayaking, canoeing, back country mountain biking, camping, team building and hiking. There is a rustic volleyball court, a swedish wood burning stove sauna, various cabins, staff accommodation, caretaker accommodation and a fully enclosed communal area with fire pit and fully equipped kitchen. It is on a running 10 year lease plan with the option to upgrade to a 100yr lease. It can be walked into and run from day 1 if needed. Phone, internet, website, client base, a close knit, willing to help, outdoor pursuits community as well as the offer of at least one of us to help with the transition for at least a season if so desired.

Everything is included in the sale, boats, life jackets, helmets, paddles, wetsuits, 25 passenger bus, generators, tools, etc It is rustic, 25 km from the nearest neighbor, Mountain Aire Lodge and 40 minutes from the nearest towns, Walter Valley, Cremona and Sundre. There is only generator power, solar power and the only running water is the river! Propane powered fridge,stove and grill.

If you think may be interested or any contacts you have that may be interested please pass this on to them.
Thank you so much for your time.

Sincerely, Daisy Degenstien

(+44) 07840355886

Throwbag for Sale

New, Cordura bag with large reflective band, soft 8-9mm floating rope, nearly 20m in length, grab and clip on loop, barrel-lock drawstring and large opening top for smoother throws and easy reloading and closure - what a beauty. see photo. Only $125 + postage

Contact Liz: davidsamnz@hotmail.com

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