Membership Benefits

The NZRA Will:

  • Inform members of key industry issues, events and training.
  • Continue to provide new and upgrade existing member
    benefits such as equipment discounts and promotions.
  • Continue to provide advice to members on business and product development.
  • Facilitate annual river festival and rafting competitions.
  • Organise annual rafting missions for members.
  • Provide guide recruitment information for employers and employees.
  • To develop relationships with mutually beneficial associations in New Zealand and overseas.

Ongoing Functions:

  • Provision of industry advice and project development.
  • Publication of the New Zealand Rafting Association newsletter on a quarterly basis.
  • Liaise with both Maritime New Zealand (MNZ) and Sport Fitness Recreation and Industry Training Organisation (Skills Active) over new legislation and qualifications.
  • Prepare submissions and lobby local and central government to protect/maintain members’ interests and the environment.
  • Seek project funding from a range of organisations.
  • The Annual General Meeting.
  • Maintain the National Raft Guide Awards Register.
  • Facilitate the role of the NZRA Executive Committee.

Bivouac: 20% off Outdoor Gear

Bivouac Outdoor Gear

Hydraulics Whitewater Clothing and Equipment
for current financial NZRA members are offered Pro-deal prices. Offer available only direct from Hydraulics. 

20% off Day Two products
And 15% off Astral buoyancy vests to all NZRA members

Day Two
Paddlerzone: 15% Off
15% off all new equipment's retail price
Rising fuel prices are hitting us hard, therefore NZRA is pleased to advise members you can now access the Cardplus FUELCARD.

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