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Things you should know about rafting and riverboarding in NZ
Firstly rafting operations are interspersed through out New Zealand. So where ever you go you are only going to be at most a few hours drive from a rafting outfitter. River boarding is currently limited to the Rotorua and Queenstown areas.

To select the right river for your group there are several factors you should consider: Trip Length: Do you want to go for a day, a weekend or a week? Time of Year: Are you looking for the green and action of spring time, the hot sun of a New Zealand summer, the colours of autumn, or the bigger waters of winter. We raft all year round in New Zealand.

It is important to understand how rivers are graded in terms of intensity and size. The international river grading system was developed by recreational kayakers and canoeists.

Rivers are rated on a scale of I to VI :
Grade 1 Little to no current. Small waves with no obstacles.
Grade 2 More current than Grade I with bigger waves, but no major obstacles.
Grade 3 Rapids are longer and more turbulent. Bigger waves, holes and stronger currents than Grade 2. Generally considered intermediate. Proper guide training is a prerequisite for safe navigation of Grade 3 and above.
Grade 4 Steeper, longer and containing more obstructions than Grade 3. Multiple obstacles to manoeuvre around. Trained guide is necessary.
Grade 5 Strong currents and big waves. Several boulders and holes. Has a greater potential to hold and flip boats.
Grade 6 Extremely difficult to successfully manoeuvre due to significantly steeper vertical drops and boulders. Usually considered unrunnable.

In New Zealand all of the above grade rivers are found in both north and south islands. Please click the Island in which you wish to undertake your trip or check out both!

Click here to view a river guide to New Zealand

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